Somehow you found me and now that you have

you must make choices, you must understand

Select your risk, how well you would know me

there’s more than you think and I suggest you choose wisely

Here on these pages, I’ve connected my worlds

some are musical, some insightful

some may make your toes curl

some are deeply sexual, some are at times quite dark

some may upset you, some may bluntly hit the mark

It’s all to be found here, the facets I’ve hidden

as I grow and explore the unknown, the forbidden

but I’ve opened the windows, and I’m letting you in

be certain which you look through before you begin

the consequence of your choices will be yours alone

I will not apologize for what cannot be undone

I’ve tried to protect you, by tagging them all

By offering a warning, by making it your call

I do this with love  for all, please understand

This is my world rendered fully, exposed naked, I stand.